Book Chapters & Reviews

(2019) Women Entrepreneurs as Agents of Change in the Americas: Redefining the Bottom Line In Yousafzai, C. Henry, M. Boddington, S. Sheikh and A. Fayolle, Research handbook of women’s entrepreneurship and value creation, Edward Elgar, forthcoming

(2018) Hitting the Top: Is there a Glass Ceiling for High-Impact Women Entrepreneurs?, in Women’s Entrepreneurship: Going Beyond the Gender-Neutral Approach, Edward Elgar, 53-71.

(2017) Staying In the Family: The impact of institutions and mental models on entrepreneurship development in post-Soviet transition countries, Chapter 2 in A. Chepurenko and A. Sauka, Entrepreneurship in Transition Countries: Diversity, Trends, and Perspectives, Springer Press, 15-32.

(2016) Expanding the Horizon: Conceptualizing and measuring the conditions that foster high potential female entrepreneurship in East Asia Chapter 1 in J. Glassman, et al, Entrepreneurship and Social Change, Nanjing University Press, China, 3-37.

(2016) Female Occupational Crowding and Entrepreneurial Outcomes: Implications for female entrepreneurship success, Chapter 3 in Brush, E. Ljunggren, F. Welter and C. Diz Garcia, Women’s Entrepreneurship Global and Local Contexts, Edward Elgar, p. 43 – 62.

(2016) Three faces of innovation: the gendered realities for female entrepreneurs in Latin America, Chapter 4 in G. Alsos, U. Hytti and E. Ljunggren, Research Handbook on Gender and Innovation, Edward Elgar, p. 72-90.

(2015) Is Russia an Entrepreneurial Society? A Comparative Perspective, Chapter 5 in S. Oxenstierna, The Challenges for Russia’s Politicized Economic System, Routledge.

(2014) Institutions, Incentives and Entrepreneurship, co-authored with S. Estrin, in Z. Acs and L. Szerb. Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2014, Independent Publishing

(2013) Institutions and agents of change: Understanding the underlying incentives for entrepreneurship development, co-authored with S. Estrin, Chapter 3 in Z. Acs and L. Szerb. Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2013, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA, pp. 18-26.

(2009) Entrepreneurship in Russia, co-authored with J. Korosteleva and T. Mickiewicz in L. Dana, I. Welpe, V. Ratten and M. Han (eds.) Handbook of Research on Asian Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA, 265-274.

(2009) Entrepreneurship in Transition Countries: The Role of Institutions, (in Polish) co-authored with S. Estrin and T. Mickiewicz in G. Kolodko and J. Tomkiewicz (eds.) 20 lat transformacji : osiagniecia, problemy, perspektywy, Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne Spól, Warsaw, Poland, 285 – 310.

(2008) Our future looks even more promising! The case of Libra Holding in Lithuania, Chapter 6 in Aidis, R. and F. Welter (eds) The Cutting Edge: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in New Europe, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA, 90 – 110.

(2006) From business ownership to informal market traders: The characteristics of female entrepreneurship in Lithuania, Chapter 6 in Welter, F., Smallbone, D. and N. Isakova (eds) Enterprising Women in Transition Economies, Ashgate, Hants, UK, 119 – 142.

(2005) Entrepreneurship in a Changing Environment: Analyzing the Impact of Transition Stages on SME Development, co-authored with A. Sauka, in Welter, F. (ed.), Challenges in Entrepreneurship and SME Research, Inter-RENT 2005 online-publication

(1999) Chances are you will be working for her: Women and Business in the year 2000, in El-Namaki, M.S., Samson, R., Aidis, R. and V. Moharir (Eds.) Strategic issues at the dawn of a new millennium, Lansa Publishing BV, Leiderdorp, The Netherlands, 256-275

(1999) Problems faced by female entrepreneurs, (in Lithuanian) in Moterys: tapatumo paieskos, Vilnius, Lithuania, 58-75.

(1999) Women and Entrepreneurship, (in Lithuanian) in Feminizmas, Visuomene, Kultura, Vilnius University publication, Lithuania, 76-86.

(1999) Women and Entrepreneurship in Lithuania: Characteristics and Significance, in The Role of Social Science in the Development of Education, Business and Government entering the 21st Century, selected conference papers, Kaunas Polytechnical University, Lithuania, 225-233.


(2015) The Role of Informal Economies in the Post-Soviet World: The End of Transition? by C.C. Williams, J. Round, and P. Rodgers, Economica, 82(327), 589-590.

(2006) The Political Economy of Poland’s Transition: New firms and Reform by J. E. Jackson, J. Klich and K. Posnanska, Democratization, August 2006, 13(4), 704 – 706


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