Book chapters & reviews

(2017) Hitting the Top: Is there a Glass Ceiling for High-Impact Women Entrepreneurs?, in Women’s Entrepreneurship: Going Beyond the Gender-Neutral Approach, forthcoming

(2017) Staying In the Family: The impact of institutions and mental models on entrepreneurship development in post-Soviet transition countries, Chapter 2 in A. Chepurenko, A. Sauka and J. Round, Diverging Paths: Entrepreneurship in CEE and CIS, Springer, forthcoming

(2016) Expanding the Horizon: Conceptualizing and measuring the conditions that foster high potential female entrepreneurship in East Asia in J. Glassman, et al, Entrepreneurship and Social Change, forthcoming

(2016) Female Occupational Crowding and Entrepreneurial Outcomes: Implications for female entrepreneurship success, Chapter 3 in Brush, E. Ljunggren, F. Welter and C. Diz Garcia, Women’s Entrepreneurship Global and Local Contexts, Edward Elgar, p. 43 – 62.

(2016) Three faces of innovation: the gendered realities for female entrepreneurs in Latin America, Chapter 4 in G. Alsos, U. Hytti and E. Ljunggren, Research Handbook on Gender and Innovation, Edward Elgar, p. 72-90.

(2015) Is Russia an Entrepreneurial Society? A Comparative Perspective, Chapter 5 in S. Oxenstierna, The Challenges for Russia’s Politicized Economic System, Routledge.

(2014) Institutions, Incentives and Entrepreneurship, co-authored with S. Estrin, in Z. Acs and L. Szerb. Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2014, Independent Publishing

(2013) Institutions and agents of change: Understanding the underlying incentives for entrepreneurship development, co-authored with S. Estrin, Chapter 3 in Z. Acs and L. Szerb. Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2013, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA, pp. 18-26.

(2009) Entrepreneurship in Russia, co-authored with J. Korosteleva and T. Mickiewicz in L. Dana, I. Welpe, V. Ratten and M. Han (eds.) Handbook of Research on Asian Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA, 265-274.

(2009) Entrepreneurship in Transition Countries: The Role of Institutions, (in Polish) co-authored with S. Estrin and T. Mickiewicz in G. Kolodko and J. Tomkiewicz (eds.) 20 lat transformacji : osiagniecia, problemy, perspektywy, Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne Spól, Warsaw, Poland, 285 – 310.

(2008) Our future looks even more promising! The case of Libra Holding in Lithuania, Chapter 6 in Aidis, R. and F. Welter (eds) The Cutting Edge: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in New Europe, Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA, 90 – 110.

(2006) From business ownership to informal market traders: The characteristics of female entrepreneurship in Lithuania, Chapter 6 in Welter, F., Smallbone, D. and N. Isakova (eds) Enterprising Women in Transition Economies, Ashgate, Hants, UK, 119 – 142.

(2005) Entrepreneurship in a Changing Environment: Analyzing the Impact of Transition Stages on SME Development, co-authored with A. Sauka, in Welter, F. (ed.), Challenges in Entrepreneurship and SME Research, Inter-RENT 2005 online-publication

(1999) Chances are you will be working for her: Women and Business in the year 2000, in El-Namaki, M.S., Samson, R., Aidis, R. and V. Moharir (Eds.) Strategic issues at the dawn of a new millennium, Lansa Publishing BV, Leiderdorp, The Netherlands, 256-275

(1999) Problems faced by female entrepreneurs, (in Lithuanian) in Moterys: tapatumo paieskos, Vilnius, Lithuania, 58-75.

(1999) Women and Entrepreneurship, (in Lithuanian) in Feminizmas, Visuomene, Kultura, Vilnius University publication, Lithuania, 76-86.

(1999) Women and Entrepreneurship in Lithuania: Characteristics and Significance, in The Role of Social Science in the Development of Education, Business and Government entering the 21st Century, selected conference papers, Kaunas Polytechnical University, Lithuania, 225-233.


(2015) The Role of Informal Economies in the Post-Soviet World: The End of Transition? by C.C. Williams, J. Round, and P. Rodgers, Economica, 82(327), 589-590.

(2006) The Political Economy of Poland’s Transition: New firms and Reform by J. E. Jackson, J. Klich and K. Posnanska, Democratization, August 2006, 13(4), 704 – 706

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