laszlo-bookA Comparative Analysis of Hungary’s Entrepreneurial Performance

Laszlo Szerb, Ruta Aidis and Zoltan Acs, (2013) University of Pecs, Faculty of Business and Economics.




cutting edge bookThe Cutting Edge: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in New Europe

Ruta Aidis & Friederike Welter, editors (2008) Edward Elgar

 This volume offers insights into ways entrepreneurs innovate and adapt to political-economic structural changes. Detailed case studies illustrate how the adoption of new technology, creation of hybrid social and economic mission ventures and strategic re-orientation led to success in these transition economies. The stories of how these teams pooled resources, persevered and devised new approaches to innovation by creating something new or internationalizing gives us a sense of the new entrepreneurial approaches needed to succeed in this region. Given there were few role models and road maps, these entrepreneurs had to learn by doing. Their stories are inspirational and provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurial success in the wake of turbulent political-economic restructuring.  Candida G. Brush, Babson College, US

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Market Economies

Ruta Aidis & Friederike Welter, editors (2008) Edward Elgar

This is a great book that integrates multiple perspectives and offers fresh insights into the role and nature of innovation and entrepreneurship especially in emerging economies. Aidis and Welter did a magnificent job in assembling some of the best minds and writings on this important topic. The book adds richly to the literature and provides a crucial roadmap for future scholarship. – Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, US 


Mitigating Brain Drain: Migration tendencies of Students in Lithuania (in Lithuanian)

Kaip neiššvaistyti protų: Lietuvos studentų nuostatos emigruoti 

Ruta Aidis &  Dovile Krupickaite (2009) Vilnius University Press, Vilnius, Lithuania




laws-and-customs-book-coverLaws and Customs: Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Gender during Economic Transition

Ruta Aidis, (2006) SSEES Occasional Book Series, University College London

Combining scientific rigour with an applied focus, this book describes small enterprise activity in Lithuanian in the pre-Accession period. It successfully combines quantitative analysis with qualitative insights to paint a picture of the nature of entrepreneurship and small business activity in rapidly changing transition conditions. The book also draws attention to the importance of institutional deficiencies and barriers to entrepreneurship development, a recurrent theme in a transition context.

Dr Aidis is to be congratulated in producing a volume that makes a significant contribution to the evidence base on entrepreneurship in transition conditions, with some important implications for policy development – Professor David Smallbone, Kingston University


Strategic issues at the dawn of a new millennium

Ruta Aidis, El-Namaki, M.S., Samson, R., and V. Moharir, editors (1999) Lansa Publishing







Economic_and_Corporate_RestructuringEconomic and Corporate Restructuring: Experiences and Challenges of the Decade

Ruta Aidis, Harold Sander and M.S.S El-Namaki, editors (1996) Lansa Publishing BV



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